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Product name: AlTi5B1 ingot(250g)

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Line of Product    Type  Chemical Composition Function and characteristics
AlTi5B1 Ingot Ti:5 B:1%;Fe0.20;   Si0.20%;BalanceAl AlTiB produces an equiaxed fine grain structure in cast Aluminum Alloys.
AlSr10 Ingot Sr:9-11%Fe0.2%Ca0.2%Si0.2%Ba0.1%BalanceAl Al-Sr is applicable to metal casting, low pressure casting and hypoeutectic and eutectic aluminum silicon alloy modification with long casting time.
AlB3/4 Waffle

B:2.8-3.2%Fe0.20;    Si0.20%;BalanceAl

It will enhance electric conductivity of aluminium material (especially alurninium wire)
Cast Cut
  Size Packing
Ingot 200g/ingot or 250g/ingot 20kg/carton,1mt/pallet
Stick Diameter 9.5mm length: 500mm-1000mm 1mt/wooden box
Waffle 7.5±0.5kg/waffle 1mt/pallet wrapped with shrinked plastic foil
Coil 180±20kg/coil or 200±20kg/coil 3 coils/pallet,wrapped with shrinked plastic foil 
           Note: We can produce and pack according to each customer's requirements.